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Bangladesh Business News
Sunday, May 24, 2015 03:58:12 PM GMT +06.00

Market Indicators

Latest update at 8:53 am on May 24

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DSE General Index  4483.28  4455.57  
Forex reserve (in billion$)   23.62  23.56  
Call money rate  5.25%-7.25%  5.25%-7.5%  
DIBOR   6.1418     5.8761  
Kerb market US$ rate  79.60-80.20      79.50-79.90  
Inter-bank US$-BDT rate  77.80  77.80  
BC-selling US$-BDT rate  78.1716  78.1735  
TT-clean US$-BDT rate  77.1716  77.1735  

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BBN Exclusive

sundays-morning-business-round-up-of-bangladesh Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN) - The BBN has prepared the morning business round up compiling reports, published by different newspapers and news portals in Bangladesh. Banks set to slash lending, deposit rates furtherBanks would soon slash their interest rates on both lending and deposit due to a number of factors including the decline in call money rates. The interest rate on call money decreased by nearly 1.0 percentage points until May 21 following suspension of auction of treasury bonds by the...


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atiur-stresses-financial-inclusion-to-achieve-inclusive-growth- Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN) - The central bank of Bangladesh is instilling a socially responsible...


apparel-exports-growth-declining-need-support-from-govt-aepcNew Delhi, India (BBN)-Apparel Exports growth pattern has fallen in April 2015 in compare to the last...

Hot Issue

dse-trading-resumes-after-nearly-4hrs Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN)-Trading at the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) resumed after three hours and 50 minutes of suspension due to technical glitches on Sunday.The DSE authorities decided to continue the trading till 4:00pm Sunday due to the disruption, Shafiqur Rahman, DSE general manager (DGM) of PR Department, told the BBN.  The trading at the prime bourse of Bangladesh usually begins at 10:30am and continues till 2:30 in every working day.However, instruments on SPOT trading cycle will...
BBN provides news and images to global media through syndication with The Hindustan Times Media Limited (HTML), New Delhi, India

Latest News

beautiful-mind-mathematician-john-nash-wife-killed  New Jersey, US (BBN)-Princeton University mathematician and Nobel Prize winner John Nash, whose life was the subject of the film "A Beautiful Mind," was killed in a taxi crash along with his wife in New Jersey on Saturday.Nash was 86; his wife was 82.Nash and Alicia Nash were in a taxi on the New Jersey Turnpike when the driver lost control and crashed into a guard rail, said New Jersey State Police Sgt. Gregory Williams, reports abcnews. Authorities don't believe Nash or his wife were...
bangladesh-bank-holds-91-day-182-day-t-bill-auction-Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN)-Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN) - The government borrowed BDT 4.50 billion from the market issuing its treasury bills on Sunday to finance budget deficit partly, officials said.A total of 32 bids of BDT 12.56 billion for 91-day T-bill and 59 bids of BDT 18.42 billion for 182-day T-bill were offered.  Of those, one bid of BDT 2 billion for 91-day T-bill and six bids of BDT 2.50 billion for 182-day T-bill were accepted. The range of the implicit yield of the accepted bid was 5.75...
dyslexia-can-be-overcome-with-nursery-rhymes-musicCambridge, London (BBN)-Children can overcome dyslexia by learning nursery rhymes, dancing and singing because the condition is caused by lack of rhythm in brain, a leading neuroscientists has suggested.Usha Goswami, prof of Cognitive Developmental Neuroscience at Cambridge, has spent the last 10 years testing the brains of youngsters to find out what was driving the learning problem, reports The Telegraph.She found that the dyslexia is not caused by children reading words incorrectly, but instead...
minimise-pores-by-home-made-methods-A face with large open pores doesn’t look good but it is very common if you have oily skin. Acne on oily skin usually leaves scars and large pores behind. It’s not easy to get rid of them completely but home made recipes are very useful here, said a blog published in WITH BELOW GIVEN TIPS YOU CAN MINIMISE THEIR APPEARANCE:Cleanse your face with a mild face wash.Then splash ice cold water over your face or alternatively rub an ice cube wrapped in a towel over your face. Cold ice...
big-tobacco-goes-into-battle-over-branding-bansLondon (BBN)-Big tobacco companies are stepping up their global fight against government attempts to make cigarettes less appealing by removing brands from packaging.Philip Morris (PM) and British American Tobacco (BTAFF) said Friday they have filed lawsuits against a new British law requiring cigarettes to be sold in plain packs, reports CNN.The law takes effect in 2016, and follows similar initiatives in Australia and elsewhere. Distinct logos and branding will be replaced with graphic health...
elephant-snatches-camera-takes-elphieThailand (BBN)-Plenty of tourists have snapped a selfie of themselves posing with an elephant during their travels. Even US Secretary of State John Kerry has done it.But how many have had their photo taken by the elephant?Christian LeBlanc, a 22-year-old Canadian, found himself the subject of an extraordinary "elphie" on a Thai island earlier this year, reports CNN."My girlfriend and I were exploring the island when we came across a couple elephants," he told CNN by email. "For 50 cents, you could...
your-clothes-are-killing-usDhaka, Bangladesh (BBN)-We buy too many clothes, and we pay too little for them. That's the message of "The True Cost," a new documentary on the perils of the fashion industry, which is being released next week.The film is a sweeping, heartbreaking and damning survey of the clothing economy, reports CNN. It covers malformed children of pesticide sprayers in India's cotton belt, gruesome shots of the deadly 2013 Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, Indian rivers frothing with chemicals, and...
supermarket-lights-send-gps-dataLille, Franch (BBN)-French shoppers have become the first to experience a new LED lighting system that sends special offers and location data to their smartphones.The technology was designed by Philips and has been installed at a Carrefour supermarket in Lille.It transmits codes via light waves, which are undetectable to the eye but can be picked up by a phone camera, reports BBC.The innovation offers an alternative to Bluetooth-based "beacons", which are being installed by many retailers."We are...
omar-sharif-is-suffering-from-alzheimersUS (BBN)-Hollywood actor Omar Sharif is suffering from Alzheimer's disease and struggles to remember his most famous films, his son has revealed.The 83-year-old Egyptian-born actor, who shot to fame in 1962 when he starred in Lawrence of Arabia and later for his title role in Doctor Zhivago in 1965, has been struggling with the illness for the last three years, reports The Telegraph.His son Tarek El-Sharif has revealed his father has now retired from acting due to the illness, which has seen him...
blinds-can-see-implenting-qbionic-eyeq-Geneva, Switzerland (BBN)-Swiss doctors have successfully fitted a blind patient with a tiny electronic eye implant to help restore their sight – a European first.The device uses a camera mounted on a pair of glasses to feed visual information to electrodes in the eye, allowing the patient to see light, shapes and movement."It's close to science fiction," Avinoam Safran, head of the ophthalmology department at Geneva's University Hospital, told swissinfo."Ten years ago we couldn't have imagined...

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