Beijing to make great Olympic Games in 2022: Plushenk

"It's great you have a very great summer Olympic Games in 2008. For sure, I know you will make a great Winter Olympic Games in 2022," says Russian skating medalist Plushenk in wake of Beijing's win in the bid to host 2022 Winter Olympics


New York's Empire State highlights endangered animals

New York's famed Empire State Building hosted new guests on Saturday night as images of endangered animals were flashed across its facade.


Bangladesh takes Indian tips on civil servants’ selection

Bangladesh’s Public Civil Service Commission (PSC) chairman Ekram Ahmed yesterday met India’s Union Minister Jitendra Singh and discussed the Indian system of recruitment of civil servants.

Science &Tech

Windows 10 is spying on everything you do

Windows 10 has been well received by users and tech writers alike, but parts of Microsoft's new privacy policy are raising eyebrows due to concerns that they could be 'spying' on what users do